Teravail Tires is a new brand from QBP of unique tires that fuel emerging cycling categories and experiences. 
The idea for Teravail emerged as many designers and riders at QBP wanted tires that didn't exist. Working with a very small team, I was one of the individuals on the incubation team for the brand which fostered a holistic approach with Creative Marketing, Engineering and Industrial Design bringing the brand to life as a small group organically.  
Having an active role in the product development quickly enabled me to lead the naming, design and creation of the brand. Working with a small team, I was able to lead the naming, brand positioning, logo design, packaging, web design, social media strategy and launch video. All touchpoints culminated in a successful launch for the new brand in the fall of 2015 to great reviews and within a few weeks, the first run of tires were sold out. 

The branding for Teravail was recognized by the AIGA Minnesota Design Show Award in 2016

Teravail tire hotpatch and Packaging design
Teravail Brand Launch Video
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